How Digital Marketing Can Transform Your Business

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Having an elite website developed is a fantastic starting point for your business. It is the foundation for which your online business can thrive but it is only the beginning.

Digital Marketing can be a grey area for most people who are looking to scale their e-commerce or local business as there is a lot of technical jargon thrown around that will leave a person more confused than before they researched the topic.

Online shopping has transformed massively over the last 10-15 years. More and more businesses have moved online, especially since COVID as they needed an online presence in order to survive in the world of business. From there, many business owners recognized the importance of paid advertising across various social media platforms.

A key takeaway from this post is that your business does not need to advertise its product/service on every social channel, just the ones that are going to make the most impact. It’s better to focus your time on a few that will yield significant results instead of spreading yourself thin. As the old saying goes, ‘less is more’. It is our job at Propeller to advise you on the best social channels to focus on, then effectively optimize them for your business.

Social Media Marketing | The Process

The two most important ones are Facebook and Instagram, while Google is one of the most effective platforms to allow customers to find a specific business and the services they are looking for. Other popular platforms include Tiktok, Snapchat, and Youtube. After a quick discovery call, Propeller will establish which channels are the best to target for your business and aid you in developing your online presence which will put you in a prime position to engage with your customer base.

We will develop a strategic direction and inform you as to whether your goals are too realistic or unrealistic as it is not only our job to deliver the service, but also to advise you on how to get things done so you can reach your goals. With the time and attention we give to your social channels, potential customers will have no choice but to be engaged with your business.

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