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WordPress Hosting Provider - Why It Matters & Why We Recommend Flywheel

Flywheel hosting

As an agency, we've built a lot of WordPress websites and have experience with quite a few WordPress hosting providers.

After a few bad experiences with other hosting providers, we recommend that our clients use a provider that we've found to consistently provide a great service - Flywheel.

We have no affiliation with Flywheel, but we wanted to write this post to make it clear why exactly we recommend them, and why it's so important to choose a good hosting provider for your WordPress website.

The Main Reason: Website Loading Speed

We've noticed drastic differences in page load speed, depending on what provider the website is hosted with. Even some well known names in the hosting space can fail to provide adequate resources and features to allow your website to load quickly.

This could be the difference between your website taking 6 seconds to load, and loading in less than 2 seconds.

Page load speed is crucial both for user experience (people will leave the website if it takes too long) and for SEO (Google prefers websites that load quicker).

Flywheel Cuts Down Development Time

Some of the features that come with Flywheel hosting help to cut down on the time it takes for us to develop a website and put it live. This means we can shave a bit of time off our development timeline, which always seems to be appreciated by our clients!

Flywheel has built-in features for security, caching, SSL and email deliverability that we would normally have to implement ourselves using plugins.

Automatic Daily Backups

We offer maintenance plans to our clients, to keep their websites up-to-date, secure, backed up and loading quickly.

Flywheel helps with this as it automatically takes daily website backups, and doesn't slow down the website while doing so, unlike many other solutions.

Sounds Great! What Does It Cost?

Flywheel hosting starts at $13/month as of writing, and their full list of plans can be seen here:

While you might find hosting plans around the $10 mark, for just a few extra dollars, you will get better results and have fewer issues.


A good hosting provider like Flywheel means you'll get a faster website, in less time, and have fewer headaches maintaining it.

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