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Why should I get Propeller Digital to build my website?

Another good question – you’re good at these! There are tens of thousands of web designers around the world, from teenagers in their bedrooms (that’s where we started) to world-famous design agencies (that’s where we’re headed).

So why choose us? We deliver great results at an affordable price. We do this full time, are passionate about our work, and deliver excellent results, but our bill won’t break your bank account (our fee for a new website is typically between €3,000 and €10,000, depending on functionality and design).

We are a group of young professionals who grew up in this new online world; we live and breath the internet and know exactly how to use it to improve your business. That’s because we use it everyday to improve our own business.

All of our team use the internet to work remotely, and a few of us replaced college with the internet. And of course, we’ve used the internet to carve out our own place in the world of commerce, doing exactly what we love.

We are a small team – you will get to know and work with us personally. This isn’t a big corporate machine that you’ll simply become another figure in. And we aspire to become a great company that stays small. We are passionate about what we do. That’s a line that’s used a lot, but we really do get our kicks from solving problems, coming up with great designs, and using the internet to better both our business and yours. Running your own business can be tough, and much of our motivation to overcome problems comes from the fact that we enjoy what we do.

What is a website address/domain?

A website address, also known as a web address, web domain, site address, or just domain, is what people type into a web browser to get to your website. Ours is

Website addresses are unique; there is only one, and we own it. All of the pages in your website will be based off the website address, e.g. your contact page might be ‘’. A website address is both the name of your website, as well as the online/digital address of your website. Your website address is also used for your emails, e.g.

A website can have more than one website address pointing to it, e.g.,, and One of these website addresses is the primary domain that all other website addresses direct to, e.g. if you type in you will be taken to

Pricing: A website address is paid for annually, and the price depends on what the ending of it is; a .com domain typically costs about €12 a year, and a .ie domain costs about €35 a year.

There are two parts to an address, the Domain and the Top Level Domain (TLD). The Domain can be anything you want as long as no-one else owns it with a particular TLD. The TLD is limited to a selection of endings that have different costs. So someone might own, but no one might own, so you can buy the .ie version of the domain.

You can have the same Domain with two different TLDs, e.g. and Both of these can bring people to the same website, you just have to pick one of them to be the primary domain.

Why do I need someone to build my website?

Good question. Even though there are a number of great do-it-yourself website builders (Shopify, Squarespace, etc), you still need to have a good grasp on typography, design practices for the web, how to structure information to make it easy to read and find – the list goes on.

You’re a busy business owner; you’re probably better off spending your time working on making your customers happy, and letting us make a masterpiece of a website for you. A poorly done website can do more damage than good; despite the advice, people do judge a book by its cover. If your website looks bad or doesn’t work well, potential customers may assume the same about your products and/or services.

What platform or technology should I use to build my website?

This of course will depend on your business and goals. However, as a rough guide, we normally recommend clients to either use Webflow, or go for a custom-coded Eleventy website. Shopify is also a great platform for E-Commerce specifically.

For more info, check out our blog post on Eleventy.

What is website hosting?

A website is made up of code running on a computer, plus media like photos and videos. In order for your website to be accessible 24/7, and to load quickly, it needs to be on a special computer called a server that is dedicated to storing, or ‘hosting’ websites.

A web hosting company sells you space on their servers, and this is where we place, or ‘host’ your website when it is finished. You are paying for the ability for your website to load fast, and be accessible at any time and from anywhere in the world.

We strongly recommend all of our clients use a company called Flywheel for hosting. They have plans starting from $13/month.

What determines my website's rank on Google search?

Google's algorithm is complicated, and has many ranking factors. With that said, relevant content and quality backlinks are generally considered the most important factors.

Content can be created or edited to be more relevant to the search terms people are searching for.

Quality backlinks can be picked up by creating useful resources that other websites will link to.