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Webflow Website Development

Webflow is everything WordPress should be but often isn't - quick to load, safe from downtime and hackers, and 100% customisable.

We have built bespoke Webflow websites for start-ups, charities, historical societies, retailers, car dealerships, and more.

We work with companies to work out how a Webflow website can help them to grow their business and meet their goals. From there we work in their branding, scope out what pages are needed and what functionality is required.

Then we get started by first creating the design in Figma, and when everyone is happy with that, development begins in Webflow.

Here are some of the reasons to go with Webflow over other website builders:

Complete Design Control

Webflow gives us complete control over how a website will look. If you can make it in Photoshop or Figma, we can build it in Webflow. This means that whatever our design team creates as part of our Website Design & UX Service, our Webflow Development team can turn into a mobile-responsive website.

An example is The Tonduff Ambush, a website we build for a historical society in Ireland. As it tells the story of an event from 1922, they wanted to give it an old-fashioned newspaper style, which we were easily able to do with Webflow. - an example of a bespoke Webflow design

World-Class CMS

When it comes to big design changes on a finished website, clients will ask us to make these for us. But many clients want to be able to change text, images, and to add content to their content management system (CMS) - blogs, events, galleries, etc.

The Webflow CMS is one of the best on the market, and allows our clients to easily manage the content on their website by logging in with their email and password.

A screenshot of Webflow's world-class CMS

Secure and Reliable

Webflow uses Amazon Web Services to host websites - one of the best web hosting platforms in the world.

Webflow also have a SOC 2 Type 2 security certificate - in layman's terms, they have one of the best security certifications in the world.

This all means Webflow websites are virtually impossible to crash or hack, meaning your website will never become a technical challenge or a headache you have to constantly deal with.

Webflow provides world-class speed & reliability

No Maintenance Required

WordPress designers and developers will almost always try to sell you a maintenance package - that's because WordPress needs regular maintenance to stay up and running without issues.

We used to sell these at Propeller back when we built WordPress websites, but we came to dislike this - selling maintenance is another way of saying 'This thing you paid us to build will fall apart if you don't pay us to look after it.'

There is no maintenance required with Webflow. There are no plugins to update, no security scans to run, and no monthly check-ins required.

Whenever we do offer a monthly plan it's for something more useful and concrete, like optimising the SEO or conversion rate of a website.

Webflow comes with SSL by default and keeps daily backups of your website in case you ever want to revert to a previous design.

Webflow requires zero maintenance, unlike WordPress

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