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About Us

Who Are We?

Propeller Digital is a team of web designers & developers, working remotely for clients all over the world. All of us have an insatiable appetite for learning new useful skills, and this has driven our rapid growth as an agency. We try to skip all the nonsense and time wasting that is all too common in business and focus on getting tangible results!

Best in Ireland award
Oliver Burke

Oliver Burke

As soon as I got access to my first computer, I was interested to figure out how it all worked, and what I could do with it. I built my own PC and started learning to code as a teenager. After trying out different types of development, web development was what I enjoyed the most, and I'm now focused on building superfast Jamstack websites with Eleventy.

Outside my work at Propeller Digital, I train and have competed in Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA.

Paddy working

Paddy Hogan

Doing the MA in Digital Media in NUIG broadened my horizons and allowed me to forge my future career path in design. It gave me my first introduction to backend development and also introduced me to the design thinking process, which I apply to every graphic or web design project I undertake.

Design has always been of keen interest to me and it has slowly turned into a passion as time has gone on. I take a great deal of pride in my work and this can be shown through the careful planning and preparation that goes into each of my projects.

Football and music are the other big interests in my life and I was lucky enough to fulfil a dream of mine by making several appearances in the League of Ireland with Galway United. With my music, I was able to play at major festivals throughout Ireland in the not so distant past and hope to do so again in the not so distant future.

Ruairi McNicholas

Ruairi McNicholas

Ruairi has been building websites ever since discovering computers at the age of 10, and made a career out of it while studying at NUI Galway.

His passion for both design and development results in polished, user-friendly web experiences that look great across all devices.

He excels at building blazing-fast, bespoke websites that help business owners to achieve their goals using Webflow.

A Galway native, he is at home helping businesses at home and abroad to take full advantage of the web.

Dylan Enright

Dylan Enright

I always had a keen interest in anything involving tech from a young age. I often found myself wondering how technology works from both a hardware and software perspective. Video editing was always a hobby that I also enjoyed throughout my life.

Deciding to study Computing & Digital Media in GMIT allowed me to bring these areas that I am passionate about together and express my creativity throughout the course. I love working with clients by bringing their ideas to life using this knowledge that started out as a hobby and is now my full-time career.

Murphy Berry

Murphy Berry

Murphy had a fascination with computers from an early age. He pursued this interest further with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Information Technology from NUI Galway.

After graduating, he worked as a software engineer for a global fin-tech firm for 2 years, honing his development skills on websites that get thousands of visits a day.

Realising how much he enjoyed design he transitioned from a mid-tier programmer to a full-stack engineer, creating beautiful and intuitive websites for clients worldwide.

Tomas O'Dwyer

Tomas O'Dwyer

I’ve always been incredibly curious about how things work, from a young age. Being logically minded, I got my masters’ degree in biomedical engineering from NUIG, before pivoting into design and development, and eventually settling into SEO.

I’ve always loved the concept of creating something tangible… Be that something concrete such as a medical device, or more abstract such as a business. Optimising my clients’ websites to get more traffic allows me to scratch that itch and help them create something great.

Other big interests of mine include travelling, MMA, and snowboarding.