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How To Use Basecamp


Basecamp is a communication & project tool that we use to work on all of our projects with all of our clients. It saves a lot of time, hassle, and headaches that are caused by trying to work over email.

Here is a short guide on how to use it to work with us.

The Message Board

The message board is where we post announcements, new work drafts for feedbacks, progress updates, and so on. It gives us one place to view important items of discussion, instead of scrolling through long email threads. You can comment on these announcements to give feedback on work, reply to an announcement, express a concern or idea, and so forth.

ToDo Lists

This is where our team creates a ToDo list for projects and work updates. You can go into any of these lists, create a task, assign it to a member of our team, set a deadline, and be notified when it’s done – very handy! It gives us, and our clients, an overview of what’s left to be done, and a breakdown of what’s involved in each area of the project.


This is a chat room for you and our team. It is for short, quick discussions that aren’t very important.

The idea is we couldn’t discuss an important announcement in here, because it will disappear under all future chat messages. For the same reason, we don’t post new work drafts here, or list ToDo’s here; everything of importance has its own place, where it can be discussed and worked on.

Docs and Files

This is where all files and documents for our work with you will be stored. Text documents, photos, content for your website; you can upload it all here, and comment on each file to give us direction on where to use it.


A simple shared calendar where we can schedule deadlines and online meetings.

And that’s it! We hope you find Basecamp quick, easy, and even fun to use. If you have any issues or questions about using it, just drop us an email (or message us on your project’s Campfire chat!).

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