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Website Design & UX

A website design is not just about looking nice (although that's great too!). Every page should be designed with a specific goal in mind, to help visitors do X or Y. Our design process is focused on achieving your specific business goals. Here's a rough outline of our process:

Get to know you and your business

The first step for us is to get to know and understand you and your business. Things like:

  • What is your unique selling proposition?
  • What are your goals and values?
  • What kind of impression do you want your brand to make on visitors?

Plan the website goals and content

With that done, we can then create a sitemap for how we think all the pages on the website should be structured, and make a plan for what each page should be trying to achieve.

We can revise this with you until you are satisfied!

Create an initial design draft

We will use a design tool like Adobe XD or Figma to create a first draft of the design for your new website. We think it's important to keep you involved throughout the design process, so we'll show you our progress regularly to avoid any surprises and wasted time.


We will go back and forth with you until the design is something that you're proud to have representing your brand. The exact terms for how much revision is included will be agreed upon before the start of the project, but we can generally get it right pretty quickly!

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