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Basecamp – Our Productivity Weapon


This past weekend, I deleted our Slack channel. I also deleted our Notion account, a tool we used to organise much of our business, including

  • Our work processes
  • Our pipeline of current projects to complete
  • Our list of potential leads
  • ToDo lists
  • etc…

Our team has cut down on internal email communication massively, and even on email communication between us and our clients.

And it’s all thanks to Basecamp.

I stumbled across Basecamp because I had become unsatisfied with Notion, our main management/productivity tool – it wasn’t capable of sharing access to projects with our clients, not without every client account costing $10 a month, which would add up fast.

We tried out a trial of Basecamp and fell in love:

  • It lets us create Projects that we can add individual clients to. These projects have a Message Board for sharing announcements and updates, shared ToDo lists where our clients can assign tasks to us, a chatroom for quick discussions, a place to share files, and a shared calendar, for meetings & deadlines.
  • It cuts down massively on email. Basecamp taught is that email is a very poor tool for project management; emails get buried by more emails, people start new email threads that start to get hard to keep track of, and email threads become too long too quickly, resulting in a lot of scrolling and use of the search function. Trust us when we say Basecamp will save us time, save you time, and result in a better finished product in a shorter space of time.
  • It’s simple to use. We looked at many other tools that have 10x the amount of features that Basecamp has, but we found the complexity daunting. And this rules out these tools, because if we find them daunting, our clients won’t want to use them! Basecamp is easy for us to use, and easy for our clients to use.

See below for a demo screenshot of Basecamp in action.

Basecamp project example

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