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Why We Have No Phone Number

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We decided not to have a company phone number because we feel this is better, for both us and you:

  • We are a 5-man remote team from Ireland, the UAE, and Thailand; you won’t appreciate a big overseas phone bill, and we won’t appreciate being rung at 4am in Thailand!
  • We operate our company in a way that lets us work for long, uninterrupted blocks of work; it’s better for our focus and creativity, and therefore better for our clients. Phone calls disturb our staff, so we’ve replaced phone numbers with emails; just drop us a mail and we’ll reply within 24 hours.
  • When a call is required, we prefer to use an online tool like Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype;face-to-face communication is great, and screen-sharing is very useful as ours is a visual business.

So how do we communicate with our clients?

We use a fantastic communication tool called Basecamp, and have written an article about how and why we use it. It gives us a dedicated chatroom where you can talk to us, a message board for posting announcements & updates, and a shared ToDo list where you can assign tasks to us. When a face-to-face chat is needed, we jump on to a tool like Zoom.

But what if you need to contact us urgently?

We operate our business in a way that minimises the need for work to ever be urgent, allowing us to do creative and innovative work without interruptions. We plan our projects with clients carefully, ensuring there is no need for work to ever be urgent. The best way to contact us quickly is through the chat on Basecamp.

But… your website just went down!!

If you are on one of our maintenance plans, we run an Uptime Monitor on your website. This alerts us straight away via email if your website ever goes down. Usually, this allows us to fix the problem before you even notice your website is down.

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